What is Battle.town?

Battle.town is a PFP Event Platform where players can use their 10KTF items to participate in Campaigns.

What is the Battle for New Tokyo?

The first Campaign in Battle.town is the Battle for New Tokyo. The Battle for New Tokyo will consist of a variety of different missions that will take place over several weeks. The first mission on Battle.town will start on May 5, 2022 and is the first of several missions that will lead into the Battle for New Tokyo. The complexity and feature set will increase over time.

How does the Battle.town mission work?

After connecting your eligible wallet, you will be able to select from available missions and join by sending your loadout of Avatars equipped with 10KTF items to help Wagmi-san’s cause. Confirm your loadouts during a three-day registration period that starts at 5p PT, 5/5/22. Equip your PFPs and help Wagmi-san to victory. Once a mission begins, additional players cannot join and the mission’s progress can be tracked from the home page. At the end of the mission, rewards are calculated based on each player’s loadout compared to the total pool. Rewards can be claimed on the site once available.

How secure is Battle.town?

Official links will only be posted on our Discord or Twitter

Make sure the URL address you are interacting with in your browser is “BATTLE.TOWN”.

For now, no actions on Battle.town require on-chain activity like gas fees or any token approvals from the player. Be careful if you are asked to pay any gas fees or make any token approvals.

Wagmi-san will announce when you can make a claim on your rewards which will cost gas.

What avatars can I use in Battle.town?

NFTs from the following collections are compatible with Battle.town: - 0N1 Force - Bored Ape Kennel Club - Bored Ape Yacht Club - Cool Cats - CrypToadz by GREMPLIN - Gutter Cat Gang - Mutant Ape Yacht Club - Pudgy Penguin - Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult - Wolf Game - World of Women - 10KTF Gucci Grail

Do I need an avatar to participate in Battle.town?

Avatars are required in order to participate in Battle.town. However, if you do not own an NFT from the above list, you may use a Blank Avatar. While available to everyone, the Blank Avatar receives fewer rewards and is ineligible for certain bonuses.

Can I use my 10KTF Gucci Grail on Battle.town?

Yes. Your 10KTF Gucci Grail can be used as an Avatar. Since 10KTF Gucci Grail are fully outfitted, they will not require additional 10KTF items in order to participate in missions and they begin with a base power of 4 in every equipment slot. However, you can opt to replace any individual equipment slot with your own 10KTF items in order to maximize your loadout.

What is the best way to set up my loadout?

The quality of your loadout is determined by the tier of the 10KTF items equipped, their rarities, and any set bonuses attained. It is highly recommended to fully equip your avatar in order to optimize your loadout. The specific value of each 10KTF item will be revealed over time.

What is the base power of each 10KTF item?

- Snapback Hat: 18 - 5 Panel Hat: 18 - Daypack: 27 - Comfy Hoodie: 21 - Cat Hoodie: 21 - Socks: 15 - High Top: 44

How does rarity affect my 10KTF items?

Individual items will get a multiplier based on their rarities as follows: - Common: 1x - Uncommon: 2x - Rare: 4x - Epic: 8x

What are set bonuses?

An avatar equipped from head-to-toe with Grailed items will be more effective on missions. The following set bonuses can be attained: - Full Set - This grants a 50% increase bonus in the number of points to your avatar and is attained by having a 10KTF item assigned to every available equipment slot. - Matching Collection - This increases the bonus to 75% and is attained if the Full Set bonus is satisfied and each 10KTF item is from the same parent collection. e.g. Each equipped 10KTF item was crafted from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. - Matching Parent - This increases the bonus to 100% and is attained if the Full Set bonus is satisfied and each 10KTF item is from the same parent NFT. e.g. Each equipped 10KTF item was crafted from the same Cool Cat. These bonuses are subject to balance changes but will be locked in before the Battle for New Tokyo begins.

How are rewards calculated?

The number of points received for completion of a mission is the share of your loadout compared to all participating avatars. The size of the rewards pool can vary depending on the mission and its specific mechanics. The value of each 10KTF item and loadout per mission will be revealed over time.

What happens if I sell or transfer an NFT during a mission?

Rewards are calculated at the end of each mission, so make sure not to transfer or sell participating NFTs during the mission period. If an equipped item is transferred or sold, the final reward will be calculated as if that item was never equipped for that mission. If an avatar is transferred or sold, the avatar’s entire loadout will be invalidated for that mission and you will not be eligible to receive any points or rewards for that mission.

How do I participate on mobile?

Battle.town is currently available on desktop only.

What wallets can I use?

Battle.town currently supports Metamask, and is also compatible with hardware wallets connected to Metamask.